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There is a dog with a vest on that says "Guide Dog" next to two people standing that are holding white canes.


Why Become

Make a statement, through our certification as an unbiased and external source, that disability inclusion is incorporated into your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practices.

Provide a better experience for everyone - accessibility doesn't only help the disability community and its allies, but all of your visitors as well! (For example, think about how allowing more space increased accessibility and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic)

Attract and maintain a valuable and loyal segment of your customer/visitor market.

Be proactive about accessibility and disability inclusion - don't wait for a new facility, a renovation, or until an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) complaint!


increase in business for hotels and motels that made accessibility improvements


net income over 4 years for "Disability Inclusion Champions"


higher economic profit margin over 4 years for "Disability Inclusion Champions"

A man in a wheelchair smiling with his hands crossed on his lap.

How Our Certification Is Unique

Our certification addresses training, awareness, and transparency - we work with all locations regardless of current accessibility.

We are practical in our innovative and inexpensive feedback and suggestions, from both the perspective of the disability community and the perspective of your organization.

We are focused on the impact on the disability community, not just checking the boxes - at our core, we are not an ADA Compliance firm.

We involve the direct feedback of the disability community.

We answer crucial accessibility questions - without answers to these questions there is a barrier of uncertainty which may prevent potential visitors from coming to your location!

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